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Get axcora cms is a simple , easy and fast for develope website project.

without database make your blast fast for create a modern website using this cms web, including SEO make easy, should be know how get axcora rendering SEO automaticly. for first title on your post is generate on your meta title, facebook card title, twitter title, then your first paragraph on content is a decription, of course get axcora rendering your decription automaticly to, and after update or create new page , sitemap.xml file is already update too. with this schema make easy for submit your sitemap to google.

deploy your website and work with get axcora cms , for first you need select a themes for building modern website, then download template, after download now you can upload on host if you using open source code, just upload and themes on your host,on public html folder , edit file on data - other - website.xml file and edit with text editor , configure link with your webiste link and save it, now open your website and viola... your website is online now, no need database installation make fast for build and develope new modern website.

Page and article : you can update create new and delete article in this menu, just clik new post you can create a new page , for upload image and file you can use text editor on page menu, click on image logo and upload your image file. and save page if you wan to update and create new page.

File manager : this is a folder for media for your website, you can upload media in here.

Setting : for SEO title website, and configure or change password on this menu.

Work with standard themes : after select your favorit themes or you can click in here to template list, or click in here for premium themes , now you can edit on your post, for homepage just edit get axcora cms , then edit with you needed and save it, you can link another link in here too. and edit all page with you needed.

Create a blog list tips : for create a blog list, you can create a new page and name it with blog for example, then write your blog title what you wan to display on blog list, and click on link configure with your blog url link ,then save it.

If you needed hosting , you can use we service and your website is ready online with we host including domain , of course with cheap price for you. chek price here

another or custom website project you can contact we team dev for consult .

Let's rock with get axcora cms and build your modern website now.

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New generation get simple Axcora CMS Open source code content management system present by axcora technology.
No need databased make blast fast for your website, simple system and easy to learn , and of course SEO google include for optimise your site, You can download this cms for free, or you can order we services for installation including design page , domain and host for your new modern website. Go Online with us →

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