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Get Axcora CMS

Get Axcora CMS

A new version get CMS simple with axcora technology for build blast fast modern website . no need a databased using this cms, very simple and just focusing on your keyword content, just write article and post it, automaticly this cms generate title , description for SEO function.

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A Lightweight

Slim and very lite content management system web apps

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Blast Fast

No need a database make super fast and rocket !!

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Flat File

Just a flat file modern CMS for build your modern website


Download open source project on sourceforge and github you can download it or fork it

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How Install Get Axcora CMS

For first you need to download open source code get axcora cms. and then you can upload and work with this cms on localhost or on clouds host.


For localhost you need third party application like XAMPP, download XAMPP and run apache web server, then extract get axcora CMS on your project folder name it with getaxcoracms folder in to htdocs folder, after extract and copy all files now you can visit localhost/getaxcoracms, and congratulation now you can using this cms web app.


Open your cpanel or your cloud panel visit or open public_html , create new folder name it with your website if you wanna install on sub directory ,or just upload getaxcoracms.zip file in to your public_html if you need install it on your home page. after upload .zip file now you can extract all files, and just thats it... your modern website is online now !!

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Get Started Now !!

Let's Create a new modern website with flat file new generation era, just write a content and focusing on your keyword for SEO. Read a documentation for detail how work with get axcora cms for develope your new modern website without database.

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For Developer

Freedom for developer with using get axcora cms, like a framework CMF you can customise function and design fir build a web app project, get axcora cms make easy for touch your dream.

For End User

Select themes and just upload it on your hosting , start build your new modern website using get axcora content management system for create article post and more.

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The Axcora Technology

New generation get simple Axcora CMS Open source code content management system present by axcora technology.
No need databased make blast fast for your website, simple system and easy to learn , and of course SEO google include for optimise your site, You can download this cms for free, or you can order we services for installation including design page , domain and host for your new modern website. Go Online with us →

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