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Get Started work with get axcora cms


Download get axcora cms and upload on your shared cloud hosting, then configure dataotherwebsite.xml open with text editor on website.xml file and edit url with your link url.

First Use

After installation finish now you can accssess your website, visit /admin on your website then login using default data use username : axcora / password : axcoracms. and congratulations now you can accsess backend cms , and you need to change your password and title for Google SEO on setting fiturs.

Click on settings and then change form with you needed, and save it.

Upload File Media

For fast and easy for write a content post article you need upload all your media file like image and more , just click on file menu then you can create new folder with your own, and upload file in bottom menu . browse , select file and upload it.

Write Article Page and Post it

After settings and upload all file is finish, now you can write a content and post for update or create new page on your website, just click on page menu then click new post and write your content. don't wory about SEO google features, because get axcora cms is automaticly generate your page title and description too.. all facebook or twitter tag is ready on use too. just focusing on your content then publish it. welcome to new CMS generation with using get axcora cms.

Editing Home Page

By default the home page on welcome get axcora cms page, you can edited , just click on page and then edit title an content with you needed, you can upload image or link on your another page with click on text editor then select what you need.


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The Axcora Technology

New generation get simple Axcora CMS Open source code content management system present by axcora technology.
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