Free Modern website template standard themes

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Free Modern website template standard themes

You can download we standard themes,and upload on your host live your website now.

free modern website template themes

how to work with this template :

for first you need to know a structure and schema for this themes template, by default we create a 9 link menu on home page, so you can create a 9 page article content with you needed, then save it, after create article now you can configure on your home page url link, just edit title description content with your own, and link with your post page URL and save, this concept work if you using we standard strcuture. Now how if you need to link with many content page, tips for many content page , for first you must create a page article then you need to create new master categories, for example on link one we create article for food, so you can grouping your post food in here , just wrtie title your post page and configure URL link with your post content.

new modern cms website
The Axcora Technology

New generation get simple Axcora CMS Open source code content management system present by axcora technology.
No need databased make blast fast for your website, simple system and easy to learn , and of course SEO google include for optimise your site, You can download this cms for free, or you can order we services for installation including design page , domain and host for your new modern website. Go Online with us →

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