Unicenta Opos Web Apps

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New generation unicenta point of sale on clouds

The new modern technology for unicenta opos, with website application all in one integration with your unicenta opos desktop , this web apps is complete for full online mode with clouds apps installation make easy for accsessing from android iphone smartphone and desktop pc to.. how this apps work ?? you can create transaction using unicenta opos on your desktop terminal then you can check all report on you backoffice dashboard admin in to web apps, and of course you can build and develope modern website using this web apps.

The scema unicenta clouds web app is work using desktop application software for cashier transaction, and mobile with dashboard backoffice admin on web apps, so you can check all report detail from this apps,not juts apps but ready with content management system so easy for develope and build your new modern website using this apps, all in one integration with your unicenta opos

build with unicenta web apps